Puzzling Places offers an immersive puzzle-solving experience within virtual reality (VR) or through passthrough mixed reality. In this captivating game, players are transported to virtual environments where they assemble intricate puzzles. Whether you prefer a complete virtual setting or a blend of the real world with virtual elements, Puzzling PlacesContinue

Gravity Lab is an exciting VR and Mixed Reality game that challenges players to tackle physics-based puzzles within the confines of a space station. It delivers an immersive experience, fusing the virtual world with real-world interactions. In Gravity Lab, you’ll harness your problem-solving skills while navigating zero-gravity environments and manipulatingContinue

ForeVR Pool is an engaging game that blends virtual reality (VR) with mixed reality, creating an immersive experience for a group of up to four players. It brings the classic game of pool into the digital realm, allowing participants to enjoy realistic gameplay with friends. Whether you’re into the precisionContinue

Linelight is an innovative Mixed Reality Puzzle game that offers the unique feature of being playable while lying down. This distinctive gameplay experience combines the world of augmented reality with puzzle-solving, creating a captivating and accessible gaming adventure. With Linelight, players can enjoy mind-bending challenges and creative puzzles from theContinue