Astra takes Meta Quest 3 users on an immersive journey through space, transforming their living rooms into interstellar vessels. This groundbreaking mixed reality experience seamlessly blends storytelling, exploration, and interactive design, creating a deeply personal adventure. Embark on a cosmic mission driven by the legacy of your late astrobiologist mother.Continue

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge lets you live your own Star Wars adventure in VR. As a droid repairer, you crash on Batuu, face gangsters, join the Resistance, and even travel through time. Blasters, lightsabers, and iconic characters await in this action-packed journey! The length of the gameContinue

Survivorman VR: The Descent throws you into a snowy mountain crash as the sole survivor. Under legendary Les Stroud’s guidance, craft tools, build shelter, and face real-world challenges like fire starting and rappelling. Navigate glaciers, evade polar bears, and test your intellect, emotions, and resourcefulness on your desperate fight forContinue

Trapped in a derelict spaceship crawling with horrors, Cosmodread is a VR survival horror roguelike. Explore its depths, scavenge for resources, and fight for your life using a crossbow and wit. Your mission: escape this nightmare and return to Earth… alive. The length of the game Cosmodread VR varies dependingContinue

In A Township Tale, you join a VR world as a medieval villager. With friends, you build a bustling town, crafting tools, farming land, and forging weapons. Explore dungeons, fight creatures, and uncover the valley’s mysteries. A Township Tale is a multiplayer VR RPG game, so there is no officialContinue

Z.O.N.A Project X is an immersive experience that plunges you into the unforgiving depths of a post-apocalyptic world. In this game, every decision you make holds significant consequences, making it a thrilling and challenging adventure. Brace yourself for countless hours of tense survival and the unveiling of a grim anti-utopiaContinue