Toy Monsters offers a delightful blend of tower defense gameplay and mixed reality technology, turning your living room floor into a strategic battlefield. Through the use of mixed reality, players can place toy defenders with their hands or controllers, creating an immersive experience where childhood toys come to life to fend off invaders.

Fans of the tower defense genre will find familiarity in collecting resources, building defenses, and upgrading troops to tackle increasingly challenging waves of enemies across multiple worlds, levels, bosses, and an endless mode.

However, Toy Monsters does have its drawbacks. Some players might find the strategic depth lacking compared to more robust tower defense games, and the mixed reality passthrough technology can be finicky in certain lighting conditions.

Overall, Toy Monsters is a charming and innovative addition to the tower defense genre, thanks to its immersive mixed reality integration. While it may not satisfy hardcore tower defense enthusiasts craving deep strategy, it’s a perfect pick-up-and-play title for gamers of all ages seeking a fresh and visually captivating experience.

For those in search of a unique and family-friendly mixed reality adventure, Toy Monsters is definitely worth exploring. Just keep in mind that its strategic complexity might not hold the attention of dedicated tower defense fans in the long run.