Arcade Paradise VR takes the charming laundromat-to-arcade success story of the original game and throws it into the exciting world of virtual reality. But does the VR headset elevate the experience, or does it just add another layer of complexity?

At its heart, Arcade Paradise VR is still the management sim you know and love. You take control of Ashley, tasked by her grumpy dad to turn a struggling laundromat into a profitable business. This means keeping the washers and dryers humming, cleaning up messes (both physical and virtual), and strategically investing your earnings in classic arcade games.

The VR translation works well here. While the core gameplay mechanics remain the same, physically sorting laundry and wiping down machines in VR adds a touch of immersion that can be oddly satisfying. The environments are colorful and well-detailed, transporting you right back to the neon-soaked glory days of arcades.

One of the VR’s key features is the mixed reality mode. This allows you to partially step out of the VR world and see your real-life surroundings. It’s a novel way to interact with the in-game tablet used for managing finances and checking objectives.

The VR implementation enhances the atmosphere, though some may find the controls a bit clunky at times. Overall, Arcade Paradise VR offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane for anyone who fondly remembers the golden age of arcades. The core gameplay loop of managing a laundromat and building your dream arcade remains engaging, with the VR adding an extra layer of immersion. If you’re a die-hard VR enthusiast and love the original Arcade Paradise, this is a worthwhile purchase.