Drop Dead: The Cabin is a VR zombie shooter where you and a teammate battle relentless undead hordes within a creepy forest and eerie cabin. Scavenge weapons, level up skills, and survive the night using cunning tactics and teamwork. Mixed reality mode even lets the zombies invade your own living room for an extra adrenaline rush!

Drop Dead: The Cabin – Tips and Tricks for Survival!


  • Master the weapons: Experiment with different guns and melee weapons to find what suits your playstyle. Upgrade your favorites to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Aim for weak spots: Headshots are key for most zombies, but some brutes require targeting specific weak points. Learn their anatomy!
  • Conserve ammo: Don’t spray and pray! Use melee attacks when safe and prioritize weak enemies with guns.
  • Move and shoot: Standing still is a death sentence. Strafe, dodge, and use the environment for cover while blasting away.
  • Melee wisely: Melee attacks are powerful but leave you vulnerable. Use them for quick bursts of damage or to clear weak hordes.


  • Stick together (in co-op): Communication and teamwork are crucial. Cover each other’s backs, revive fallen teammates, and share resources.
  • Prioritize objectives: Don’t get distracted by every zombie. Focus on completing objectives to progress and secure better gear.
  • Manage resources: Keep an eye on ammo, health, and grenades. Scavenge for supplies regularly and use them wisely.
  • Power up the cabin: The generator keeps the lights on and doors locked. Prioritize fueling it and fixing the battery.
  • Explore strategically: Explore new areas cautiously, but remember to retreat when things get overwhelming.

Additional Tips:

  • Level up your skills: Invest in skills that complement your playstyle and weapon choices.
  • Unlock new weapons: Progress through the game to unlock powerful new tools for zombie eradication.
  • Practice makes perfect: Don’t get discouraged by early deaths. Each run teaches you valuable lessons for future attempts.

Have fun! Despite the tense atmosphere, Drop Dead: The Cabin is also a thrilling and exhilarating experience. Enjoy the ride!