Some tips and tricks for the VR and Mixed Reality app Immersed: Optimize your workspace: Ensure your physical workspace is well-lit and free from distractions. This will enhance your overall VR experience. Calibrate your headset: Proper headset calibration is crucial for a comfortable and immersive experience. Follow the on-screen instructionsContinue

PianoVision provides cutting-edge virtual piano lessons, seamlessly blending mixed reality and hand tracking technology for an immersive learning experience. Students can connect their MIDI keyboards, enhancing the learning process further. This innovative platform opens new horizons for music education, enabling hands-on practice in a virtual environment. It merges the realContinue

Figmin XR is an incredibly versatile platform that offers boundless creative possibilities. This engaging application empowers you to enhance your physical surroundings by seamlessly integrating a diverse range of digital content. With Figmin XR, you can explore the limits of your imagination, creating a dynamic fusion of the real andContinue