Astra takes Meta Quest 3 users on an immersive journey through space, transforming their living rooms into interstellar vessels. This groundbreaking mixed reality experience seamlessly blends storytelling, exploration, and interactive design, creating a deeply personal adventure. Embark on a cosmic mission driven by the legacy of your late astrobiologist mother.Continue

Journey to Foundation is a VR sci-fi adventure inspired by Isaac Asimov’s classic series. As a spy for the Galactic Empire, you investigate deserters, but soon find yourself embroiled in a fight for humanity’s future. Choose your path: uphold the crumbling Empire or join the revolutionary Foundation. Explore stunning spaceContinue

Space Salvage is a VR adventure game where you’re a scavenger navigating perilous space wrecks. Dodge hazards, battle rivals, and collect valuable loot across 30 environments. Forge your own path, becoming a peaceful explorer or a fearsome pilot. The length of the game Space Salvage depends on your playstyle andContinue

In Vader Immortal: Episode I, you become a smuggler entangled with Darth Vader on fiery Mustafar. Wield lightsabers, navigate ancient ruins, and uncover secrets at Vader’s command. Experience an original Star Wars story as never before, exclusively in VR. Some tips and tricks for the game Vader Immortal: Episode I:Continue

Trapped in a derelict spaceship crawling with horrors, Cosmodread is a VR survival horror roguelike. Explore its depths, scavenge for resources, and fight for your life using a crossbow and wit. Your mission: escape this nightmare and return to Earth… alive. The length of the game Cosmodread VR varies dependingContinue


Embark on an Epic Space Strategy Adventure with BattleGroupVR Prepare to immerse yourself in the heart of interstellar warfare like never before with BattleGroupVR, a groundbreaking first-person real-time space strategy game that puts you right in the thick of the action. Unlike traditional strategy games where you’re an observer, BattleGroupVRContinue