Crash-land on Isla Nublar! Jurassic World Aftermath Collection thrusts you into VR survival. Scrounge for resources in Jurassic World’s ruins, outsmart deadly dinosaurs, and unravel a hidden plot. Escape Isla Nublar alive… if you can! General Tips: Specific Tips: Additional Resources: Remember, experimentation and adaptation are key. Don’t be afraidContinue

Gain the trust of the Mu’agi Tribe: Completing story missions and helping the Mu’agi Tribe will earn you their trust, which will unlock new items and abilities. Use the new weapons and tools: Spirits of Amazonia introduces new weapons and tools, such as the blowgun and the spear thrower. LearnContinue

In Lies Beneath, VR horror meets comic book style. You play as Mae, returning home to a chilling Alaskan town. Fight nightmarish creatures and uncover dark secrets, all while piecing together your own forgotten past. Prepare for thrills, chills, and a unique visual experience as you face the horrors lurkingContinue

In the frozen apocalypse of 1980s Los Angeles, “After the Fall” throws you into an intense 4-player VR co-op shooter. Battle mutated undead, scavenge resources, and conquer evolving maps in a shared world across platforms. Survive the chilling nightmare, Runner. Some tips and tricks for the game After the Fall:Continue

Plunge back into the walker-infested New Orleans in “Retribution,” the VR sequel to “Saints & Sinners.” Face a terrifying new foe, the Axeman, while uncovering a conspiracy linked to the oppressive Tower. Explore expanded areas, meet new survivors, and wield a wider arsenal than ever in this thrilling fight forContinue