Miracle Pool, the innovative mixed reality game that bring the thrill of a pool table right into the heart of your home.

  1. Solo Practice Sessions:
    Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pool player, Miracle Pool offers a perfect environment for honing your skills. Practice alone with options such as 8Ball, 9Ball, and 10Ball, or challenge yourself with a variety of practice drills. Sharpen your shots and master the art of precision at your own pace.
  2. Play Against the Computer:
    Test your skills in head-to-head battles against computer opponents. The 8 Ball mode allows you to face off against virtual adversaries, providing a dynamic and challenging experience. Can you outsmart the AI and claim victory on the virtual pool table?
  1. Multiplayer Madness:
    Gaming is more fun with friends, and Miracle Pool ensures you don’t miss out on the social aspect. Gather up to four friends for an exciting multiplayer session. The best part? No strict rules are enforced, allowing for a laid-back and enjoyable gaming experience. Break, shoot, and celebrate victories together!
  2. Ranked Matches for ELO Points:
    For those seeking a competitive edge, Miracle Pool introduces ranked matches against random online opponents. Engage in intense 8 Ball battles and climb the ranks to earn ELO points. Showcase your skills, compete against a diverse player base, and establish your dominance in the world of Miracle Pool..