Get ready to elevate your goalkeeper game with the ultimate VR soccer experience on Meta Quest! This immersive sports app offers a variety of training modes to enhance your skills.

Firstly, boost your fitness levels while enjoying Quickfire Mode, where you block rapid shots and compete on global leaderboards. Set your fitness goals, track calories burned, and aim for the top score.

Next, refine your techniques in Set Play Mode, facing shots recreated from real-life goals. Unlock packs for practicing headers, volleys, free kicks, corners, and penalty saves.

For a social twist, challenge friends or other players in multiplayer modes. Target Clash involves precision aiming at wall-mounted targets, while Goalie Wars takes you to iconic Belfast streets for an intense street soccer showdown.

Delve into your performance data at CleanSheet’s Stats Hub, gaining detailed feedback, unlocking new gear, and showcasing your earned trophies. Become a pro goalkeeper with this thrilling VR soccer game!