BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality

BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality (review and gameplay time)

The gameplay duration of BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality can vary depending on your playstyle and how thoroughly you explore each level.

However, the developers estimate that the game can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours to complete. This includes completing all of the levels, finding all of the secrets, and crafting all of the items.

If you are just interested in completing the main story, you can probably do so in around 10 hours. However, if you want to explore every nook and cranny of the Backrooms and find all of the hidden collectibles, you can easily spend upwards of 20 hours playing the game.

Here are some tips for extending your gameplay duration in BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality:Explore every level thoroughly. There are often hidden secrets and collectibles to be found in the most unexpected places.

Experiment with different crafting recipes. There are a variety of items that you can craft, each with its own unique properties.Try different playstyles.

You can play the game as a stealthy explorer, a cunning tactician, or a brutal warrior.Take your time and enjoy the experience. BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality is a unique and atmospheric game that is best savored slowly


BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality is an immersive journey into the depths of the unknown, offering players a chance to explore the unsettling world of “The Backrooms.” With a plethora of features and gameplay modes, this virtual reality game proves to be a captivating and haunting experience for those seeking eerie survival challenges.

Endless Liminal Exploration: One of the standout features of BrVR is its expansive level design, boasting over 100 levels sourced from The Backrooms Wiki, Fandom, and other lore. Each level introduces players to unique and demanding liminal environments, effectively capturing the essence of the unsettling world. The meticulous attention to detail within each level creates an atmosphere that’s both mesmerizing and unsettling, elevating the sense of immersion.

Customizable Gameplay: The game’s commitment to allowing players to tailor their experience is commendable. With a range of game modes including No Entities, No Gore, and No Firearms, players can shape their playstyle to suit their comfort and preferences. This flexibility encourages a wider audience to engage with the game without sacrificing the core experience.

Thrilling Survival and Engaging Combat: BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality excels in delivering hours of creepy survival gameplay. The integration of real-life and Backrooms weapons enhances realism, while the diverse combat mechanics keep players on their toes. The presence of dangerous entities, numbering over 30, ensures that every encounter is suspenseful and pulse-pounding. The option to either confront or befriend these entities adds depth to the gameplay strategy.

Active Development and Community Engagement: The commitment of the developers to weekly updates and maintaining a strong connection with the community is praiseworthy. The inclusion of a Discord server for players to engage and contribute to the game’s development fosters a sense of camaraderie and investment among players.

Sandbox to Challenge: BrVR’s inclusion of sandbox mode for experimentation and a more relaxed experience showcases its understanding of varying player preferences. Conversely, the dark levels, where danger and tension are amplified, provide an extra layer of challenge for those seeking a truly spine-chilling adventure.

Diverse Mini-Games: The incorporation of numerous mini-games within the Backrooms environment adds value beyond the primary survival gameplay. From casino games to sports, these mini-games serve as a delightful diversion from the eerie main storyline.

Quest 2 and Rift Focus: It’s important to note that BrVR is primarily developed for Quest 2 and Rift devices, with limited support for other systems. This specialization allows for optimized gameplay on these platforms.

Conclusion: BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality is a standout entry in the virtual reality survival genre, offering a richly detailed and immersive experience set in the haunting world of The Backrooms. With its expansive levels, customizable gameplay modes, engaging combat, and commitment to community involvement, it’s a must-try for those intrigued by the eerie and enigmatic. Whether you’re a survival enthusiast, a lore aficionado, or simply seeking an unsettling adventure, BrVR Backrooms Virtual Reality is a compelling choice that beckons you to step into the abyss.

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