War Of Being VR

The gameplay duration of War of Being varies depending on your playstyle. The main campaign can be completed in around 7-8 hours, but there are also a number of side missions and challenges that can extend the playtime significantly. If you’re looking to complete the game 100%, you can expect to spend around 15-20 hours playing.

War Of Being review

War Of Being, a virtual reality game that intertwines seamlessly with the progressive metal magic of TesseracT, offers an ethereal and captivating experience for both fans of the band and virtual reality enthusiasts. As a devoted follower of TesseracT’s unique sonic landscapes, delving into the Strangeland through this VR adventure was an essential and intriguing endeavor.

From the moment the headset goes on, players are transported into an otherworldly realm where TesseracT’s essence is interwoven with every pixel. The musical motifs scattered throughout the game, drawing inspiration from the band’s discography, evoke a sense of familiarity and resonance, invoking a deep connection for fans. Piano interludes reminiscent of “Sonder” invoke emotional echoes while exploring the enigmatic landscapes. The crowning jewel, the new single ‘The Grey,’ stands as a testament to TesseracT’s continued evolution and mastery of their craft.

Visually, the game’s aesthetics are a breathtaking blend of sci-fi surrealism and atmospheric wonder. As one navigates the crumbling yet captivating Strangeland, every step is a dance between the familiar and the unknown. Voice acting complements the ambience seamlessly, enriching the storytelling experience.

However, as with any masterpiece in its early stages, War Of Being does exhibit a few rough edges. Technical issues, particularly crashes on launch and during menu navigation, are a minor nuisance that the developers have shown a proactive stance in addressing. Performance optimization leaves room for improvement, with frame rates on higher-end setups sometimes dipping below the desired threshold.

Interactions within the game appear relatively rudimentary, harkening back to a bygone era of VR interactions. The presence of a cursor-guided mechanism for handling control panels and locked containers feels a bit dated, and one hopes for more immersive interactions in line with modern VR standards.

Despite these hiccups, the potential War Of Being holds is undeniable. The game’s foundation, built upon Unreal Engine, supports full locomotion and smooth turning, allowing players to navigate the Strangeland in various ways. The tantalizing promise of a full VR experience, complemented by a budget-friendly price point, tempers these concerns.

In conclusion, War Of Being is a mesmerizing journey into the heart of TesseracT’s creative universe. It’s a must for die-hard fans seeking to further intertwine themselves with the band’s sonic tapestry. As the game matures through Early Access, one can only anticipate the refinement of its technical aspects and the expansion of its already captivating world. While not without its quirks, War Of Being beckons players to step into an unprecedented merger of music and virtual reality, offering a glimpse into the future of artistic expression and gaming.

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