Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a single-player VR survival horror game that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. The game’s storyline is immersive, and you play as Emily Diaz, who is trapped inside the Paradise Hotel. The hotel has been struck by a strange illness that has turned its inhabitants into savage creatures, and you are desperate to find your sister.

The gameplay involves exploring the dark and terrifying surroundings, gathering resources, and surviving the horrific encounters that await you. Emily’s journey takes you through various emotional phases of stealth, exploration, and action, and you will need to learn survival skills and make allies to stay alive.

The horror atmosphere in Propagation is incredibly intense, with well-crafted sound design, lighting, and visuals that combine to create an immersive experience. The game mechanics require you to utilize all your skills and wits to progress, from gathering resources to solving puzzles and using tools from your inventory. You can choose to avoid or confront enemies, reload your gun under stress, and even use both free movement and teleportation locomotion support.

Overall, Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a highly recommended VR survival horror game that offers a fantastic storyline, terrifying atmosphere, and challenging gameplay mechanics. If you are a fan of the horror genre, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game’s intense and immersive experience.

Tips and tricks:

Resource Management:

  • Prioritize ammo and crafting materials: Save your bullets for tough situations and prioritize melee weapons whenever possible. Craft bandages and tools regularly to stay healthy and prepared.
  • Conserve flashlight battery: Only use your flashlight when necessary, and invest in batteries or upgrade it for longer life. Darkness can be your friend too!
  • Scavenge everything: Every drawer, cabinet, and corpse could hold valuable supplies. Don’t leave anything behind.
  • Manage your inventory: Keep only the essentials on you and utilize hidden stashes around the hotel to store extra items.

Combat and Tactics:

  • Headshots are key: Aim for the head to permanently take down zombies. Body shots only slow them down temporarily.
  • Learn enemy behavior: Different zombie types have different weaknesses and attack patterns. Observe and adapt your tactics accordingly.
  • Distraction is your friend: Throw bottles or lure zombies away from key areas to avoid confrontations.
  • Silence is golden: Crouch, walk slow, and avoid unnecessary noise to stay undetected.
  • Master the environment: Find and climb onto furniture to create chokepoints and outmaneuver your enemies.

Exploration and Puzzle Solving:

  • Read everything: Notes, documents, and diaries can provide valuable clues and hints about the story, objectives, and secrets.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: Environmental details can hold hidden codes, triggers, or solutions to puzzles.
  • Don’t be afraid to backtrack: You might need to revisit previously explored areas with new information or tools.
  • Experiment with interactions: Try pushing, pulling, rotating objects, and using items in your environment to solve puzzles.
  • Think outside the box: Some solutions might require unconventional thinking and using items in unintended ways.

Additional Tips:

  • Turn off auto-save: Manual saves allow you to reload earlier saves if you make a mistake or get stuck.
  • Don’t rush: Take your time exploring, scavenging, and solving puzzles. Rushing can lead to mistakes and unnecessary risk.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the creepy and suspenseful environment. The sound design and visuals are incredible!


  • Find all the collectible secrets: The hotel holds 30 hidden secrets for the observant explorer. Discover them all for hidden achievements and bonuses.
  • Try different difficulty levels: Once you’ve mastered the game on normal, test your skills on hard mode for an even greater challenge.
  • Remember, every player’s experience will be different. Adapt these tips to your own playstyle and enjoy the chilling journey through the Paradise Hotel!

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