The average playtime for Green Hell VR is around 16 hours when focusing on the main story objectives. However, if you’re a completionist who wants to see and do everything the game has to offer, you can expect to spend closer to 35 hours playing. Green Hell VR is anContinue

As the sole survivor of a passenger jet crash, you are stranded in a mysterious forest, fighting for survival against a society of cannibalistic mutants. In this heart-pumping first-person survival horror simulator, you must build, explore, and stay alive at all costs. The playtime of The Forest can vary dependingContinue

The average gameplay duration of Into the Radius VR is as follows: Into The Radius is a game with main features that include dozens of hours of slow-paced suspenseful survival, realistic handling of classic and modern weapons, and dangerous anomalies in the unforgiving dystopian environment of the Pechorsk Anomaly Zone.Continue

The average gameplay duration of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution is 17 hours. This includes the main story only. If you also want to complete the side missions and explore the full map, you can expect to spend closer to 20 hours. In the latestContinue