The average gameplay duration of Into the Radius VR is as follows:

  • Main Story: 28 hours
  • Main + Sides: 33 hours
  • Completionist: 40 hours

Into The Radius is a game with main features that include dozens of hours of slow-paced suspenseful survival, realistic handling of classic and modern weapons, and dangerous anomalies in the unforgiving dystopian environment of the Pechorsk Anomaly Zone. With a day and night cycle, players can scavenge for loot and scout during the day or sneak around and evade enemies at night. The game also offers diverse natural, industrial, and urban locations with vast exploration potential, as well as regular updates and an incredible community. Players can explore miles of forests, swamps, and crumbling industrial ruins in the Radius, but they must be careful of deadly anomalies and hostile creatures such as Fragments and Mimics that are constantly roaming around.

Some tips and tricks to help you navigate the Zone and make it out alive:

General Survival:

  • Manage your inventory: Weight is your enemy. Prioritize high-value loot like artifacts and ammo, and ditch bulky items like low-tier weapons. Use pouches to organize and quickly access frequently used items.
  • Master the anomalies: Learn to identify and utilize anomalies to your advantage. Gravity wells can boost your jumps, electrical fields stun enemies, and thermal flares can be used for light or as weapons.
  • Stealth is key: Avoid unnecessary fights. Listen for enemy sounds, crouch to move silently, and use throwing knives for silent takedowns.
  • Crafting is your friend: Combine items to create useful tools and consumables. Bandages from cloth, makeshift flares from sticks and gasoline, and even explosive traps can be crafted with the right materials.
  • Plan your missions: Choose your routes carefully, marking points of interest on your map. Consider weather conditions and anomaly locations when planning your approach.


  • Pick the right ammo: Different ammo types cater to different situations. Use FMJ for general purpose, AP for armored enemies, CHP for cheap plinking, and slugs for high damage at range.
  • Learn enemy weaknesses: Some enemies are vulnerable to specific ammo types or anomalies. Experiment and exploit their weaknesses for easier takedowns.
  • Take cover and aim carefully: Firefights are deadly. Use the environment for cover, aim for headshots, and burst fire to conserve ammo.
  • Grenades are your friends: Smoke grenades provide cover, flashbangs disorient enemies, and explosives deal massive damage. Use them strategically in tough situations.
    Progression and Secrets:
  • Don’t ignore artifacts: These strange items offer unique abilities and can be valuable barter items. Experiment with their effects and consider selling duplicates for a good profit.
  • Upgrade your hideout: Invest in upgrades like improved crafting stations, medical supplies, and storage space to make your life in the Zone easier.
  • Explore hidden locations: The Zone holds many secrets. Be on the lookout for hidden stashes, secret passages, and unmarked buildings that may hold valuable loot or lore.

☑️Try not to get addicted
🔳Very good
🔳Nothing special

🔳Will do

🔳Very good
🔳Not too bad


—{PC Requirements}—
🔳Check if you can run paint
🔳 Fast
🔳Rich boi
🔳Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

🔳Doesn’t have one
🔳Something isn’t nothing
🔳Not greatly told
🔳Will make you cry or smile a lot

🔳Just press a few buttons
🔳Significant brain usage
☑️Easy to learn / Hard to master
☑️Not so easy
🔳Dark Souls

🔳Only if you care about leaderboards/ranks
🔳Isnt necessary to progress
🔳A little grindy sometimes
🔳Average grind level
☑️A bit grindy
🔳Spend the rest of your life grinding

—{Game Time}—
☑️Depends on you

🔳Just buy it
☑️Worth the price
🔳Wait for sale
🔳Maybe if you have some spare money left
🔳Not recommended
🔳if you enjoy throwing money into the trash

🔳Never had any
☑️Minor bugs/glitches
🔳Few bugs/glitches
🔳Can get annoying
🔳Ruining the game
🔳The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs/glitches


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