The average gameplay duration of Into the Radius VR is as follows:

  • Main Story: 28 hours
  • Main + Sides: 33 hours
  • Completionist: 40 hours

Into The Radius is a game with main features that include dozens of hours of slow-paced suspenseful survival, realistic handling of classic and modern weapons, and dangerous anomalies in the unforgiving dystopian environment of the Pechorsk Anomaly Zone. With a day and night cycle, players can scavenge for loot and scout during the day or sneak around and evade enemies at night. The game also offers diverse natural, industrial, and urban locations with vast exploration potential, as well as regular updates and an incredible community. Players can explore miles of forests, swamps, and crumbling industrial ruins in the Radius, but they must be careful of deadly anomalies and hostile creatures such as Fragments and Mimics that are constantly roaming around.

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