Espire 2 (Gameplay duration)

Expire 2 is expected to have a gameplay duration of 15-20 hours for the main story, with additional time for side activities and exploration.

The Mixed Reality update for “Espire 2: Stealth Operatives” revolutionizes the immersive world of VR gaming by seamlessly integrating it into your personal environment. This enhancement allows you to experience the heart-pounding stealth action of the VR game right within the confines of your own living space. Players can now step into the shoes of a stealth operative within their familiar four walls, creating a hyper-realistic and dynamic gaming experience.

This innovative approach blurs the boundaries between the virtual and real world, inviting gamers to engage with their surroundings as they embark on thrilling covert missions. The Mixed Reality update for “Espire 2” represents a significant leap in gaming technology, delivering an unparalleled level of immersion by merging the virtual and physical worlds.

Espire 2 is a VR stealth action game. You control operatives in powerful “Espire” mechs, infiltrating enemy facilities and completing objectives. Play solo or co-op in two campaigns: stop terrorists or train for the Espire program. Use stealth, gadgets, and combat to overcome foes. A recent “Mixed Reality” update lets you play missions that adapt to your real-world surroundings.