In the role of Sci-Fi Athletes, you engage in intense one-on-one duels within the virtual realm, firing luminescent projectiles while gracefully evading and weaving through the action in mesmerizing slow motion. This free-to-play multiplayer VR game places the onus on complete body control, making it a physically demanding and immersive experience.

Players must rely on their physical prowess to succeed, as every movement and gesture translates directly into the game. Sci-Fi Athletes transforms your body into a controller, requiring precise motion and strategy to outmaneuver opponents. It offers an unparalleled level of engagement, making each duel a dynamic and exhilarating test of skill.

The game’s unique approach redefines VR gaming, offering an intense and physically challenging competition that truly puts players in the heart of the action.

Blaston is a fast-paced VR shooter where you duel opponents in slow-motion bullet-hell. Dodge, weave, and line up perfect shots with futuristic weapons. Master movement and strategy to survive intense 1v1 battles. Available on Steam and Oculus, with free-to-play options.