Walkabout Mini Golf replicates the experience of mini golf with realistic physics and a variety of courses suitable for both hardcore golfers and casual players. The game also features Night Mode, where each hole is modified to provide a new course with even harder challenges, new collectibles, and a different aesthetic than the regular courses. Walkabout Mini Golf offers multiplayer options with full crossplay and voice chat for up to 8 players, including solo play, online quick matches, and private rooms. Other features include accurate physics, custom balls, driving range, practice green, fox hunts, special putters, new avatars, and support for several languages.

Some tips and tricks to help you enjoy and excel in Walkabout Mini Golf:

General Gameplay:

  • Master the basics: Before hitting the courses, spend some time in practice mode refining your stance, grip, and swing technique. Learn how to adjust swing power and aim accurately.
  • Survey the course: Take a stroll around each hole before taking your first shot. Look for obstacles, slopes, and potential shortcuts. Use the teleportation feature to get a bird’s eye view for tricky sections.
  • Plan your shot: Don’t just blindly swing! Analyze the terrain, factor in wind and obstacles, and choose the right shot type (chip, lob, putt) for the situation. Don’t be afraid to get creative with bank shots and bounces.
  • Minimize risk: While daring shots can be rewarding, prioritize consistency and minimizing strokes. Opt for safer routes if unsure, especially on harder courses.
  • Practice makes perfect: As with any skill, the more you play, the better you’ll become. Don’t get discouraged by mistakes, learn from them and keep practicing.

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