The average gameplay duration of VTOL VR is 15 hours. This includes the time it takes to complete the main campaign, as well as some of the side missions.

However, if you are a completionist and want to complete all of the game’s challenges and achievements, you can expect to spend upwards of 30 hours playing VTOL VR.

VTOL VR is a Virtual Reality combat flight game that takes place in a near-futuristic world. It allows players to pilot advanced multi-role jets and use their hands to manipulate the virtual flight controls, such as flipping switches and pressing buttons. With a VR set and tracked controllers, players can immerse themselves in a virtual cockpit and take on various challenges that test their flight skills, situational awareness, and combat tactics. The game features action-packed combat missions, delicate vertical landings, aircraft carrier operations, aerial refueling, and more. Players can also create custom missions using the built-in mission editor and map editor, which they can share with other pilots. The best part is that no extra hardware is required, as long as you have a VR set with tracked controllers.

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