In Until You Fall, you’re a sword-wielding Rune Knight battling through neon landscapes to conquer “The Calamity.” Master fast-paced VR combat, forge powerful weapons, and rise again after each defeat. It’s a roguelite hack-and-slash where every run offers unique challenges and rewards, pushing you to refine your skills and conquer the ever-growing corruption.

Until You Fall is an intense and challenging VR roguelite that can be quite difficult to master. However, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can use to improve your chances of survival and success. Here are some of the most helpful strategies:

  1. Choose the Right Weapon: There are a variety of weapons to choose from in Until You Fall, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with different weapons to find ones that suit your playstyle. Some weapons are better for crowd control, while others are better for single-target damage.
  2. Use the Dash Defensively: The dash is your best friend in Until You Fall. Use it to dodge enemy attacks, reposition yourself, and get out of sticky situations. Don’t be afraid to dash often, especially when you’re surrounded by enemies.
  3. Upgrade Constantly: Upgrading your weapons and abilities is essential for progression. Use the crystals you collect to upgrade your equipment and make yourself stronger. Prioritize upgrading abilities that will help you survive, such as Soul Fire and Stasis Strike.
  4. Weigh Upgrade Options During Runs: When you’re offered upgrades during a run, take a moment to consider your current situation and needs. Don’t just pick the first option that comes along. Think about what would be most beneficial to you at that moment.
  5. Go For Smaller Enemies First: When you’re faced with a group of enemies, it’s usually best to take out the smaller ones first. They’re easier to deal with and they won’t be able to do as much damage to you.
  6. Learn Enemy Attacks: Each enemy in Until You Fall has its own unique attack patterns. Take some time to learn these patterns so you can dodge or block incoming attacks.
  7. Use the Environment to Your Advantage: The environment can be a valuable asset in Until You Fall. Use objects in the environment to your advantage, such as walls to block enemy attacks or platforms to gain a height advantage.
  8. Practice and Experiment: The best way to improve at Until You Fall is to practice and experiment. Try out different weapons, abilities, and strategies to find what works best for you.
  9. Don’t Give Up: Until You Fall can be a frustrating game at times, but don’t give up. With enough practice and perseverance, you’ll eventually get the hang of it and start making progress.

Here are some additional tips that may be helpful:

Use Soul Fire to heal yourself.
Save your dashes for when you really need them.
Don’t be afraid to use your abilities, even if it means losing some health.
Try to stay calm and focused during battles.
Have fun!

The average playtime of Until You Fall is around 9 hours.

However, this can vary depending on your skill level and how much time you spend exploring and grinding for new weapons and upgrades. Some players may be able to complete the game in as little as 7 hours, while others may spend over 13 hours trying to master the combat system and defeat all of the bosses.

It is important to note that Until You Fall is a roguelite game, which means that each playthrough is different. The procedurally generated levels and enemies ensure that there is always something new to experience. Additionally, the game features a number of different weapons and upgrades, which can be used to create different playstyles. This means that players can easily spend dozens of hours playing Until You Fall, as they try to master all of the different ways to play the game.