Subnautica (tips and tricks)

Subnautica is an underwater adventure. Crash-landed on an alien ocean planet, you craft tools, build bases, and explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with life. Beware lurking predators and uncover the mysteries of this vast, unknown world.


  • Scan everything: This unlocks blueprints and reveals important information about resources and creatures.
  • Prioritize food and water: Bladderfish are plentiful in shallows, but consider planting Marblemelon in your base for long-term food security. Build a Water Purifier early on.
  • Explore crash sites: They offer valuable starting resources and clues about the story.
  • Start your base early: Find a safe, resource-rich area and build a basic shelter with interior modules for storage and crafting.
  • Upgrade your oxygen tank: This will let you explore deeper and longer, crucial for progression.
  • Don’t cook yet: Cooked food spoils faster. Eat raw fish or cured fish (made with Salt) for better food longevity.
    Grow your own food: Marblemelons and Bladderfish inside your base provide a sustainable food source.
  • Craft a Repair Tool: Fix the radio in the Aurora for important story beats and potential rescue messages.
  • Stalker teeth are valuable: Use them to craft the Thermoblade, a powerful knife.

Exploration and Base Building:

  • There is no map! Craft beacons and landmarks to navigate.
    Build multipurpose rooms: They are versatile and connect easily to other modules.
  • Upgrade your Seaglide and Seamoth: Faster and deeper exploration means more resources and less danger.
    Consider solar and thermal power: They are renewable and efficient, especially early on.
  • Build external growbeds: They free up interior space and provide easy access to food.
  • Plan your base layout: Think about resource flow, storage, and future expansion.
  • Use the Scanner Room: It reveals resources and creatures in a large area, aiding exploration.

General Tips:

  • Be prepared: Carry food, water, a Seaglide Repair Tool, and a weapon when venturing out.
  • Don’t waste batteries: Use tools efficiently and build charging stations near resource-rich areas.
  • Learn creature behaviors: Some are passive, some aggressive. Knowing their patterns helps avoid danger.
  • Thermal vents can cook food: Park near them for a quick, energy-free meal.
  • Craft dead batteries into new ones: It’s not the most efficient, but it helps in a pinch.
  • Use the Prawn Suit’s drill arm strategically: It can mine resources from inside vehicles and creatures.