Embody Spider-Man in this free-to-play VR experience! Swing & scale iconic NYC skyscrapers, tackle missions inspired by the movie, and battle Mysterio’s illusions. Put your web-slinging skills to the test!

Movement and Combat:

  • Master the web-slinging: This is key! Practice quick, rhythmic throws to propel yourself efficiently. Experiment with different angles and speeds for tight turns and graceful landings.
  • Don’t forget the web yanks: Use web yanks to pull yourself towards objects, grab enemies, and perform quick dodges. This adds another layer of control and maneuverability.
  • Web targeting: Focus your attention on objects or enemies to automatically aim your webs. This helps in fast-paced combat and swinging sequences.
  • Combo it up: Combine web punches, kicks, and web throws for maximum damage and style. Experiment to find your favorite combos!
  • Web takedowns: Use web takedowns on stunned enemies for quick eliminations and a satisfying feeling of power.

Exploration and Collectibles:

  • Free Roam: Take advantage of Free Roam mode to explore the city at your own pace. Find hidden collectibles, practice your swinging skills, and soak in the sights.
  • Follow the pins: Look for collectible pins on buildings and landmarks. They unlock suits, upgrades, and other bonuses.
    Secret pigeons: Keep an eye out for tiny blue pigeons perched on objects. Collecting them all unlocks a special reward.
  • Challenges: Complete challenges for bonus points and bragging rights. Some challenges test your swinging skills, while others focus on combat or exploration.

Immerse yourself: Feel the wind in your hair, the adrenaline of combat, and the thrill of swinging through the city. Let yourself get lost in the experience!