In Robinson: The Journey, players will embark on a first-person exploration of the rich world of Tyson III. As they traverse the environment, they will encounter a variety of dinosaurs and creatures that react to their presence, creating a dense atmosphere and giving the impression that the world is teeming with undiscovered secrets. The game’s emphasis on interaction with the environment encourages players to explore every corner of the world in detail and discover rare items and achievements. The game’s non-linear story is experienced entirely from the player’s perspective, with no cutscenes to maintain a deep sense of immersion. Robinson: The Journey’s stunning graphics, realistic sound, and sense of scale, powered by CRYENGINE, make for a beautiful VR journey into unfamiliar territory.

The average playtime for Robinson: The Journey is approximately 3 to 5 hours for a first playthrough. However, the actual playtime can vary depending on your individual playstyle and how thoroughly you explore the game world. If you are a completionist who wants to find all of the hidden secrets and collectibles, you can expect to spend closer to 10 hours on the game.

Some tips and tricks to enhance your Robinson: The Journey experience:

Exploration and Navigation:

  • Embrace the Climbability: Robinson’s unique VR movement relies heavily on climbing. Master clinging to vines, scrambling over rocks, and swinging on branches for efficient and immersive exploration.
  • Map and Compass are your friends: Don’t neglect the map and compass in your wrist menu. They’ll help you navigate vast locations, find objectives, and avoid getting lost.
  • Follow the Creatures: Observe the wildlife’s movements. Monkeys often lead to fruit trees, while dinosaurs might point you towards resources or new areas.
  • Beware of Predators: Raptors can be pesky. Distract them with objects, hide in foliage, or climb to high ground to avoid becoming their snack.

Crafting and Tools:

  • Gather everything: You never know what resources you might need later. Stock up on fruit, leaves, sticks, and minerals when you see them.
  • Experiment with crafting: Don’t stick to the basics. Try combining different materials to discover new tools and upgrades.
  • Utilize environmental tools: Levers, pulleys, and ziplines are scattered throughout the world. Learn how to operate them to solve puzzles and access new areas.

Character and Story:

  • Pay attention to HIGS’ messages: HIGS provides valuable hints and lore about the planet and its past. Don’t skip his transmissions.
  • Interact with the world: Climb trees, touch creatures, and observe your surroundings. These actions trigger animations and provide deeper immersion into the story.
  • Embrace the silence: Sometimes, the quiet moments add to the atmosphere and mystery. Enjoy the sounds of the jungle and let the story unfold at its own pace.
  • Don’t rush the finale: Savor the ending. Take in the visuals, listen to the music, and reflect on your journey on Pandora.

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