Richie’s Plank Experience (tips and tricks)

Not a game, but a VR experience! Stand on a virtual plank at dizzying heights. Feel your body react to the simulated danger. Laugh, scream, or freeze – the choice is yours! Witness genuine fear and exhilaration in yourself and others.

Tips and Tricks for Richie’s Plank Experience:


  • Safety first: Clear your play area of any obstacles, sharp objects, pets, or anything that could trip you up.
  • Choose your plank wisely: Use a sturdy, flat plank about 2-3 meters long (8-10ft). You can customize your plank in the game if you have a flat surface to map it.


  • Start slow: Begin with lower floors and shorter planks to acclimate yourself to the heights.
  • Focus on your feet: Look down at your virtual feet on the plank to maintain balance and presence.
  • Don’t look down! Resist the urge to stare over the edge, as it can trigger vertigo. Focus on a point in the distance or an object in front of you.

Hidden Secrets:

  • Maintenance panel: Look for a hidden panel on the left side of the starting elevator for a bonus surprise (beware, it’s spooky!).
  • Nightmare mode: Activate the hidden button on the panel for a whole new level of terror (not for the faint of heart!).

Bonus Tips:

  • Play with friends: Share the experience with friends for added fun and support.
  • Record your reactions: Capture your hilarious (or terrified) reactions for later laughs.
  • Laugh it off: Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, it’s all part of the fun!

Remember, the key to Richie’s Plank Experience is to embrace the fear and challenge yourself. Stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the incredible heights of virtual reality!