Republique VR is a thrilling stealth-action game where you play as a hacker guiding Hope, a woman trapped in a totalitarian state, through a web of danger and deception. You hack into the nation’s elaborate surveillance network to control cameras, manipulate guards, and solve puzzles, all while helping Hope escape.

The length of République VR depends on your playstyle and how thorough you are in exploring the game’s world and completing its objectives. However the average completion time for the game’s main story is around 12 hours. If you’re a completionist and want to find all the hidden items and secrets, you can expect to spend closer to 22 hours on the game.

  • Some tips and tricks for the VR game République VR:

Use the environment to your advantage. République VR is a stealth game, so it’s important to use the environment to your advantage to avoid being detected by guards. Hide in shadows, crouch behind objects, and use your surroundings to create distractions.

Be patient. It’s important to be patient in République VR. Don’t rush through the game, as you’ll only make yourself more likely to be caught. Take your time to observe your surroundings and plan your moves carefully.
Use the camera to your advantage. The camera is an essential tool in République VR. Use it to scout ahead, check for guards, and find hidden collectibles.

Pay attention to the sound. Sound is another important tool in République VR. Listen for footsteps, voices, and other sounds that can give away the position of guards.
Use distractions. Distractions can be a lifesaver in République VR. Use them to lure guards away from their posts or to create chaos that you can take advantage of.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. There are many different ways to play République VR. Experiment with different strategies and find what works best for you.

Have fun! République VR is a great game, so relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience.

  • Here are some additional tips that may be helpful:

Learn the layouts of the environments. This will help you to plan your moves more effectively and avoid getting lost.

Use the map to your advantage. The map can show you where you are, where the guards are, and where the objectives are.

Don’t forget to collect the collectibles. There are many collectibles hidden throughout the game, so keep an eye out for them.