Some tips and tricks to help you reel in the big ones in Real VR Fishing:

General Gameplay:

  • Master the basics: Learn the mechanics of reeling, fighting, and landing fish. Pay attention to the line color and fish behavior to know when to reel and when to play the line.
  • Upgrade your gear: Invest in better rods, reels, lines, and lures as you progress. This will help you catch bigger and rarer fish.
  • Experiment with different techniques: Try different casting distances, lure depths, and reeling speeds to see what works best for each fish species.
  • Explore different locations: Each location has unique fish species and challenges. Experiment and find your favorites.
  • Sell your unwanted fish: Sell fish you don’t need to earn money for upgrades and licenses.
  • Complete quests and challenges: Completing quests and challenges is a great way to earn rewards and learn new techniques.

Catching Specific Fish:

  • Sharks: Use the “Fish Buffet” method by catching and releasing smaller fish until a shark attacks your bait. Learn the directional fighting mechanics to avoid losing sharks.
  • Epic fish: Research specific locations and techniques for catching these rare specimens. Many online resources offer detailed guides and tips.
  • Smaller fish: Use lighter tackle and pay close attention to the line color for subtle bites.