After a war that lasted 2 millennia and took many Zen lives, the Racket Fury Tournament emerged as a way to maintain peace in the Crown Galaxy.

It’s a fast-paced, strategic game that became an interplanetary phenomenon, bringing all the Zen together. As an aspiring Zen, you are challenged to join the most prestigious team that dominated the entire competition – the Division of Steel.

The game offers two modes to choose from: full simulation and arcade mode.

In the singleplayer experience, you face 4 members of the infamous Division of Steel per Cup, with two separate campaigns to go through – Full Simulation and Arcade.

The game’s physics are advanced and realistic, developed from scratch and tweaked with professional table tennis players.

The AI in singleplayer is particularly advanced, and every opponent has their own unique style of play. The practice mode allows you to enhance your skills like a pro.

Motion capture data was used for the animations, with the actors participating in the recording being professional table tennis players, making the rivalry as realistic as possible.

Racket Fury also offers multiplayer mode that allows you to challenge players from every corner of the world. Each victory provides you with valuable assets that allow you to develop your unique character, making you more admirable in your rivals’ eyes as you become more skillful.

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