Unleash your inner superhero in Project Demigod, the VR sandbox simulator! Craft your unique powers, from super strength to energy blasts. Design epic comic book battles in limitless environments. Toss cars at ninjas, swing through cityscapes, and master weapons to become the ultimate demigod!

Project Demigod is an open-world VR game with no set storyline or ending, so the length of your playthrough will depend on how you choose to play it.

To complete all of the current content in the game, it might take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours.

If you spend a lot of time in the sandbox mode, you could easily sink 50 or more hours into the game.

Tips and tricks:

Movement and Combat:

  • Web-swinging mastery: Practice smooth transitions between swinging, jumping, and grappling. Momentum is key – use the environment to your advantage and build speed for powerful swings.
  • Combo chains: Experiment with different attack combinations for each weapon. Learn enemy attack patterns and counter effectively.
  • Environmental awareness: Utilize your surroundings for strategic advantage. Grapple onto objects to gain height, dodge attacks behind cover, and throw enemies into environmental hazards.
  • Master the gadgets: Each gadget offers unique utility. Learn their strengths and weaknesses to approach situations creatively.

Exploration and Progression:

  • Secret finding: Keep an eye out for hidden collectibles and Easter eggs scattered throughout the levels. Explore off the beaten path for hidden rewards.
  • Training challenges: Utilize the training challenges to hone your skills and unlock new abilities.
  • Customize your experience: Experiment with different difficulty settings and game modes to find your perfect challenge.