Noclip VR immerses players into the chilling realm of the Backrooms, a spine-tingling internet legend. Within this co-op multiplayer setting, participants collaborate to navigate eerie liminal spaces and evade lurking terrors.

The depiction of the Backrooms within Noclip VR is impeccable, evoking a sense of dread as players traverse damp, yellowed corridors of abandoned offices, schools, and forsaken structures. The pervasive emptiness is accentuated by flickering lights, ominous buzzing, and an ever-present sensation of being surveilled.

Noclip VR review

The game ingeniously melds escape room puzzles with visceral survival horror, offering diverse challenges from locating keys to unraveling cryptic riddles, juxtaposed with heart-pounding sprints from unseen adversaries concealed within the shadows. While the procedurally generated levels inject variability, they occasionally result in barren stretches, detracting from the overall experience.

Noclip VR adopts a freemium model, permitting free access while enticing players with additional levels and early content access through paid upgrades. While the complimentary version provides substantial gameplay, enthusiasts seeking prolonged thrills may opt for the premium features.

The multiplayer facet amplifies Noclip VR’s allure, fostering immersive collaboration through proximity chat, yet the unconventional arm-swinging locomotion mechanic can feel cumbersome, particularly during frantic pursuits.

In summation, Noclip VR caters to horror aficionados seeking a distinctive VR encounter. Its haunting Backrooms ambiance and amalgamation of puzzles and frights offer an exhilarating escapade, particularly when shared with companions. Nevertheless, the rudimentary locomotion system and variable environments may not resonate with all players, warranting consideration before diving in. For those craving an immersive dose of VR horror, Noclip VR merits exploration, albeit those yearning for a refined experience may seek alternatives.