Masters of Light throws you into a vibrant universe as a defender against the encroaching shadows. The first thing that hits you is the visual style. Masters of Light takes inspiration from Tron, with sleek lines and glowing neons that pop in VR. You stand on a floating platform, facing a 180-degree arc where the action unfolds. It’s a wave-shooter setup, but the real star is the control scheme.

This is where Masters of Light shines. Ditch the controllers! You fight using hand tracking. Throwing virtual punches to shoot light blasts and swiping your hands to deflect incoming attacks feels incredibly intuitive. It’s a workout in disguise, and dodging enemy fire gets your heart pumping.

The hand tracking is impressive, but it’s not perfect. Occasionally, the game struggles to recognize your movements, leading to missed attacks or frustrating moments. The core gameplay loop, while fun, feels a bit repetitive after a while. The enemies are varied, but the wave-shooter formula might leave some players wanting more strategic depth.

Masters of Light is a fun VR experience that showcases the potential of hand tracking. The combat is energetic, the visuals are striking, and the freedom of movement is fantastic. However, the repetitive gameplay and occasional tracking hiccups hold it back from greatness. If you’re looking for a unique VR workout or a glimpse into the future of gesture-based controls, Masters of Light is worth checking out. Just keep in mind it’s more of a “fitness-lite” experience than a full-fledged RPG.