Ironstrike is a co-op fantasy roguelike VR game. Choose from ranged Ranger, spellcasting Mage, or sword-wielding Fighter. Battle waves of enemies, unlock skills, and conquer dungeons with friends in this challenging adventure.

The main story campaign of IRONSTRIKE VR is around 6-7 hours long. There is also a multiplayer mode that can provide hours of additional gameplay.

General Tips:

Master the basics of combat: Familiarize yourself with the different types of attacks, blocks, and dodges that each class has. Practice timing your attacks and blocks effectively to defeat enemies.

Utilize your abilities strategically: Each class has unique abilities that can be used to gain an advantage in combat. Experiment with different abilities to find what works best for your playstyle.

Coordinate with your teammates: Communication is key in co-op mode. Work together to strategize attacks, revive fallen teammates, and overcome challenging obstacles.

Class-Specific Tips:

Fighter: As a fighter, you are the melee specialist of the group. Focus on getting close to enemies and using your powerful attacks to overwhelm them. Don’t forget to block incoming attacks and dodge when necessary.

Ranger: As a ranger, you are the ranged damage dealer of the group. Use your bow and arrow to pick off enemies from a distance. Be mindful of your positioning and avoid getting surrounded.

Arcane Mage: As an arcane mage, you support your teammates with magic spells that can buff allies and damage enemies. Position yourself strategically to provide support from a safe distance.

Additional Tips:

Explore the environments: Each level has hidden secrets and collectibles that can give you an advantage. Take some time to explore and discover them.

Manage your resources: Each class has limited resources, such as mana or stamina. Use them wisely and conserve them for when you need them most.

Practice makes perfect: The more you play IRONSTRIKE VR, the better you will become. Take some time to practice and experiment with different strategies to improve your skills.