Ghosts of Tabor is a VR survival game where you battle other players and AI enemies. Scavenge resources, loot gear, and craft equipment as you fight for your life. Inspired by Escape from Tarkov, it mixes thrilling PVP with tense PVE, all within an immersive VR world. Survive, extract, and conquer… or risk losing everything.

Ghosts of Tabor Tips and Tricks:


  • Start slow and learn the maps: This game can be punishing, so take your time to understand the layouts, loot hotspots, and extraction points. Utilize resources like maps and guides online.
  • Manage your weight: Don’t overload yourself! Heavier gear impacts stamina and movement, making you an easier target. Prioritize essential items and utilize backpacks effectively.
  • Sound is key: Use headphones to pinpoint enemy footsteps, gunshots, and AI movement. Learn the audio cues for different threats.
  • Utilize cover and peek tactics: Don’t stand in the open! Use cover to your advantage and peek around corners strategically to avoid getting caught off guard.
  • Check your gear before each raid: Ensure your weapons are loaded, armor is repaired, and healing items are stocked.
  • Organize your inventory: Keep your backpack and stash organized for quicker access to important items.
  • Use insurance: Protect your valuable gear with insurance, but understand its limitations.

Loot and Economy:

  • Scavenge efficiently: Focus on high-value loot initially to maximize profits. Learn the spawn locations for valuable items like GPUs and keycards.
  • Sell wisely: Compare prices between traders and the flea market to get the best deals.
  • Invest in your hideout: Upgrade your hideout facilities to craft items, heal, and generate passive income.
  • Complete quests: Quests offer good rewards and can help you progress through the game’s content.


  • Choose your engagements wisely: Don’t take unnecessary fights, especially if outnumbered or low on supplies.
  • Learn weapon recoil patterns: Practice in the shooting range to master different guns and control their recoil.
  • Flank and ambush: Use enemy movement patterns to your advantage and surprise them with flanks or ambushes.
  • Don’t underestimate AI: Scavs (Fenix) can be deadly if you underestimate them. Learn their attack patterns and approach them cautiously.
  • Teamwork can be beneficial: Consider playing with friends for more strategic gameplay and cover fire. However, trust is crucial!