Crumbling is a VR roguelike adventure where you control a tiny hero like an action figure. Explore handcrafted dioramas, battling plastic monstrosities in fast-paced combat. Unravel the story of a plucky toy store threatened by an evil corporation, wielding unique attacks to reclaim their magic and save the day!

Crumbling tips and tricks:

General Gameplay:

  • Master the Flick: Your primary attack involves flicking your wrist to throw punches. Practice your accuracy and timing to land hits consistently.
  • Dodge and Weave: Enemies are nimble, so learn to dodge their attacks by physically moving your head and body in VR. Utilize the environment for cover.
  • Explore Side Paths: Hidden pathways in the dioramas often lead to bonus items and secrets. Keep an eye out for branching paths and hidden doors.
  • Manage Your Magic: Magic powers recharge slowly, so use them strategically. They can be crucial for crowd control, dealing strong damage, or escaping sticky situations.
  • Upgrade and Adapt: Spend earned coins wisely on upgrades between runs. Consider your playstyle and what abilities complement it best.


  • Learn Enemy Patterns: Each enemy type has unique attack patterns. Observe their movements and learn to anticipate their strikes.
  • Combo Attacks: String together different flicks and dodges to pull off impressive combos for increased damage.
  • Parrying: Timing a perfect dodge right before an enemy attack can parry them, stunning them briefly and opening them up for counterattacks.
  • Environmental Combat: Use the destructible environment to your advantage. Throw objects at enemies, smash platforms to drop them on top of enemies, or create choke points to funnel them.


  • Look Everywhere: Secrets and collectibles are often hidden in plain sight. Don’t just rush through levels, take your time to explore every nook and cranny.
  • Interact with Objects: Pick up objects and throw them, push buttons, and activate levers to reveal hidden paths or trigger events.
  • Listen to the Narrator: Mrs. Crumble’s narration can offer hints and clues about the environment and lore. Pay attention to what she says!
  • Enjoy the Dioramas: Take a moment to appreciate the handcrafted dioramas. They’re full of unique details and hidden surprises.

Additional Tips:

  • Use Hand Tracking: Consider trying it out for a more immersive experience.