City Car Driving is an authentic driving simulator designed to help you master fundamental driving skills in various road conditions while immersing you in an environment that closely resembles the real world. With “smart” traffic, you’ll experience true-to-life traffic patterns, unpredictable pedestrians, and unexpected hazardous situations that will keep you on your toes. The simulator also includes a full range of weather conditions and times of day, from rainy mornings to icy nights, allowing you to prepare for the most challenging driving conditions.

The playtime of the game City Car Driving varies depending on the player’s individual playstyle and goals. According to, the average playtime for the game’s main story is around 7 hours. However, players who want to complete all of the game’s extras can expect to spend over 100 hours playing.

Additionally, the traffic rules compliance monitoring system and instructor hints will help reinforce your understanding of traffic laws from different countries around the world, with more countries being added through future updates. Furthermore, the simulator provides various autodromes where you can practice a range of exercises, from basic driving instruction to extreme driving techniques and accident prevention training.

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