Cities: VR is a city-building simulator experienced entirely in virtual reality. Become the mayor, design neighborhoods, construct buildings, manage traffic, and keep your citizens happy. See your city grow from a bird’s-eye view or walk its bustling streets.

Some helpful tips and tricks to get you started and optimize your city-building experience in Cities: VR

General Gameplay:

  • Start small and expand gradually: Don’t try to build everything at once. Focus on fulfilling basic needs like housing, water, and electricity for a small population before expanding.
  • Take your time: This is a VR experience, so enjoy the process! Don’t rush, explore different building options, and appreciate your creations.

Resource Management:

  • Keep expanding your services: As your population grows, ensure you have enough healthcare, education, and other essential services to keep them happy.
  • Tax strategically: Adjust tax rates based on your income and expenses. Don’t overtax residents, but ensure you have enough income to maintain your city.
  • Manage pollution: Place industrial zones away from residential areas and use parks and renewable energy sources to combat pollution.

Traffic Management:

  • Plan your road network carefully: Use roundabouts, one-way streets, and different road types to manage traffic flow effectively.
  • Utilize public transportation: Build subways, buses, and trams to reduce traffic congestion and encourage sustainable travel.
  • Monitor traffic flow: Use the in-game tools to identify traffic bottlenecks and adjust your infrastructure accordingly.