Carly and the Reaperman (playtime, tips and tricks)

In “Carly and the Reaperman,” you escape the Underworld through clever teamwork! Play as Carly, navigating platforms, or the giant Reaperman, manipulating the environment. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and find the exit, alone or with a friend.

The average time to play through Carly and the Reaperman is 7-9 hours, depending on your pace and skill level. The game has over 40 levels, each with its own unique challenges and puzzles. There is also a lot of replay value, as you can try to beat your previous times or find new and creative ways to solve the puzzles.

Carly and the Reaperman: Tricks and Tips

Communication is Key:

  • Talk constantly: You two are a team! Discuss observations, puzzle mechanics, and potential solutions. Clear communication is crucial for success.
  • Use non-verbal cues: Point at objects, make silly gestures, and laugh together. Physicality and shared reactions enhance the co-op experience.

Mastering the Moves:

  • Carly’s Agility: Carly is nimble and quick. Utilize her jumping abilities to reach platforms, activate switches, and dodge hazards.
  • Grim’s Grasp: The Reaperman’s ghostly arm can pull levers, grab objects, and even activate switches remotely. Coordinate Carly’s movement with Grim’s reach.
  • Think like a Ghost: Grim can phase through walls and floors. Use this to access hidden areas, scout ahead, or solve puzzles from different angles.

Puzzle Prowess:

  • Observe: Pay close attention to environmental details, symbols, and mechanisms. They often hold clues to puzzle solutions.
    Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and approaches. Some solutions might require teamwork and creative thinking.
  • Look for Patterns: Recurring symbols, colors, or sounds can indicate hints or puzzle logic. Keep an eye out for these repeating elements.
  • Think outside the box: Some puzzles require lateral thinking. Don’t just rely on physical manipulation, consider using Carly’s or Grim’s unique abilities in unexpected ways.