In Border Bots VR, you’re a human border agent in a robot-run future. Examine quirky robots at your VR security checkpoint, using scanners and gadgets to spot forgeries, contraband, and suspicious modifications. Can you keep the city safe and climb the corporate ladder in this lighthearted puzzle sim?

How long is Border Bots VR:
If you’re curious about trying Border Bots VR, expect a flexible playtime depending on your preferences. It’s not a super long game, but it offers enough content to keep you engaged for a few hours and potentially revisit for more.

Border Bots VR Tips and Tricks:

Booth Operations:

  • Master the tools: Each tool has a specific purpose, so learn their strengths and weaknesses. Practice using the 3D printer, contraband detector, stun gun, and scanner efficiently.
  • Multitasking is key: Juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. Scan documents while checking for visual clues, and use the environment (e.g., looking into the robot’s apartment) for additional information.
  • Pay attention to detail: Tiny inconsistencies can be crucial clues. Look for discrepancies in documents, subtle body language cues, and suspicious items in the apartment.
  • Don’t rush: Take your time to thoroughly examine each robot. Rushing can lead to missed clues and incorrect decisions.
  • Profile the robots: Use dialogue and visual cues to understand the robot’s personality and motivations. This can help you predict their behavior and spot potential deception.

Apartment Exploration:

  • Be thorough: Explore every corner of the apartment. Look for hidden compartments, contraband, and clues about the robot’s past and intentions.
  • Interact with objects: Read books, listen to messages, and observe decorations to gather information about the robot’s life and personality.
  • Remember details: Information from the apartment can be crucial for verifying stories and identifying inconsistencies.

General Tips:

  • Upgrade your booth: Use earned credits to purchase upgrades that improve your efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Customize your apartment: Make your living space feel more comfortable and reflect your personality.

Enjoy the story: Pay attention to the narrative unfolding through the robots and their stories.