Batman: Arkham VR (tips and tricks)

Become the Dark Knight in “Batman: Arkham VR,” a VR adventure set in Gotham City. Solve mysteries, use iconic gadgets, and face villains all from Batman’s perspective. Though shorter, it’s an immersive experience letting you truly step into the shoes of the World’s Greatest Detective.

Tips and Tricks for Batman: Arkham VR:

General Gameplay:

  • Embrace the Immersion: This is your chance to truly BE Batman. Move slowly, interact with objects, and soak in the atmosphere.
  • Calibrate Well: Proper calibration makes all the difference. Ensure your position matches the in-game Bat Symbol on the floor.
  • Utilize Your Gadgets: Experiment with the Batarang, Grappling Hook, and Detective Vision to solve puzzles and navigate environments.
  • Combat Basics: Master dodging and countering enemy attacks. Aim your Batarangs carefully, especially in melee combat.
  • Listen Closely: Audio cues often reveal secrets and guide your progress.

Specific Mechanics:

  • Batcomputer: Scan crime scenes thoroughly for clues and hidden evidence. Pay attention to highlighted objects.
  • Riddles: Think outside the box to solve Riddler’s puzzles. Look for environmental clues and use Detective Vision creatively.
  • Batcave: Explore every nook and cranny. Interact with exhibits and memorabilia to learn more about Batman’s world.
  • Scarecrow Encounters: Stay calm and collected. Follow prompts and don’t panic during hallucinations.