The average gameplay duration for Agony VR is between 7 and 10 hours, depending on your playstyle and how much you explore the game’s world. If you focus on the main story, you can complete it in around 7 hours. However, if you take your time and explore all of the hidden areas and secrets, you can easily spend 10 hours or more playing the game

Agony is a terrifying, immersive game that takes players on a journey through hell where they must kill anyone in their way and find the Red Goddess to escape. The game features brutal scenes of murder, traps to avoid, and the need to develop your character’s skills to discover the secret of your past and the path to salvation. The game is designed to be extremely scary and will test your level of fear as you become a judge and executioner of condemned souls.

Agony VR Tips and Tricks:

Always remove the bags from the heads of martyrs if you want to be able to inhabit their bodies in case you lose yours to the enemy. Without doing so, it will be impossible to introduce yourself to a new body.

To gain additional experience points for skill leveling, collect Apples of Knowledge during the game.

Demon control skill is automatically unlocked in Scene Mode and requires no further leveling.

In order to unlock the second set in Agony mode (ice caves), you must complete the third level in Scene Mode.

Gold figures and pictures are collectibles that can be found throughout the game. They unlock access to additional materials in the menu (Gallery).

If you become lost during gameplay, use the Path of Fate skill to find the shortest path to your goal.

Distract demons with torches, as they are attracted to light and heat. Always cast the torch away from yourself when encountering them.

When hiding from enemies, hold your breath to avoid being noticed. Demons are known to rummage through every corner, so try to remember the nearest shelters on the level.

Upon completing the game once, a special spiritual vision will grant you access to secret locations.

To shorten your path during gameplay, destroy everything at levels that can be destroyed. The world of the game will remember your actions even after death or restarting from a control point.

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