The gameplay duration of Across the Valley will vary depending on your playstyle and how much time you want to spend on different activities. However, it is estimated that the game can be completed in around 10-15 hours.

Experience the friendly farm life with Across the Valley, a captivating VR farm simulator.

Put your green thumb to work by sowing, watering, and harvesting your own plants. Watch adorable baby animals grow under your care and engage in fun mini-games where you can milk cows, shear sheep, and even go on a truffle hunt with the pigs.

The game’s hand-drawn graphics create a picturesque countryside atmosphere, complete with lush green grass and golden sunsets. Immerse yourself in this idyllic world and relax to the sounds of the soothing soundtrack.

With something to do every day, your farm will keep you busy. Shower your plants and animals with love and care, and they’ll reward you with a bountiful harvest. Expand your farm with the profits you earn and keep track of it all on your planning table.

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