The Break-In VR

The gameplay duration of The Break-In VR varies depending on your playstyle and the difficulty level you choose. However, most players report completing the game in 2-3 hours.


Unique and Creative Gameplay: Players appreciate the creative and unique gameplay opportunities, such as knocking out NPCs, stealing and collecting various items, and even creating scenarios like a “human trafficking ring.” The ability to engage in unconventional activities within the game is seen as a positive aspect.

Entertaining and Humorous: Players find the game to be humorous and entertaining, often describing absurd situations and animations that they encounter. The interactions with other players, along with the ability to perform unconventional actions, contribute to the enjoyment of the game.

Multiplayer Interaction: The game’s multiplayer aspect adds to the fun, as players can team up with friends to achieve different objectives and work around bugs or nuances. The default voice chat functionality is seen as a positive feature for communication and coordination.

Fair Price and Concept: Players appreciate the concept of the game, finding it to be a brilliant idea that has been executed decently. The price of the game is considered fair, given the entertainment value and the potential for fun interactions with other players.

Dynamic Gameplay and Scenarios: The game offers dynamic and varied scenarios, such as attempting to put cars and helicopters into trucks. This diversity in gameplay keeps players engaged and interested in exploring different strategies and challenges.

Engaging VoIP Communication: The built-in voice-over-IP (VoIP) communication feature enhances the multiplayer experience and facilitates teamwork among players. While there might be some issues to be aware of, overall, it contributes positively to the gameplay.

Potential for Future Improvement: Players express hope that the developers will address balance issues, bugs, and other aspects of the game to enhance its overall experience. The fact that players are optimistic about potential improvements indicates their investment in the game’s future.

Player Creativity and Freedom: The game allows players the freedom to come up with creative strategies, such as using different approaches for VR and non-VR players. This creativity and the ability to experiment with strategies contribute to the positive aspects of the game.

Engaging Multiplayer Activities: The ability to work together with others to accomplish objectives, such as throwing objects onto pickup trucks or attempting challenging heists, adds a layer of engagement and enjoyment to the gameplay.

Amusing and Absurd Animations: Players find the animations in the game to be amusing and absurd, adding a comedic element that enhances the overall entertainment value.


Glitches and Technical Issues: The game seems to suffer from numerous glitches and technical problems, such as tools disappearing from the player’s hand for no reason, headlamp glitches making players visible to guards or residents, and instances of players walking very slowly with no way to fix it.

Unfinished and Unpolished: Many players feel that the game is unfinished and lacks polish. The game has been criticized for having little content, numerous bugs, and limited functionality. Some players mention that the game feels like it’s in an early access state.

Poor AI and NPC Behavior: The NPC AI is reported to be subpar, with NPCs sometimes behaving unrealistically. NPCs lack audible footsteps, and guards and police can suddenly appear right on top of the player, leading to frustrating and unrealistic encounters.

Inconsistent Stealth Mechanics: Stealth mechanics in the game are inconsistent and sometimes trivialized. For example, players can become completely invisible by putting a lampshade on their head, rendering the concept of stealth less meaningful. Some players have pointed out that standing still can make NPCs forget about the player, undermining the challenge.

Imbalanced Gameplay: There are reports of imbalanced gameplay between different platforms (VR and PC). The PC version is said to offer advantages over the VR version, leading to frustration and a lack of fairness in multiplayer matches.

Lack of Content and Depth: Players have expressed disappointment with the limited number of tools and their depth of functionality. The gameplay lacks nuance, and some players feel that the core mechanics are shallow and don’t provide enough variety or meaningful choices.

Short Playtime and Lack of Longevity: Despite the game being initially fun, several players feel that it becomes boring quickly and lacks long-term replayability. The short playtime and limited content make it difficult to justify the purchase price.

Misleading Advertising: Some players have expressed frustration with misleading advertising, such as claiming VR support when it’s not actually implemented, leading to disappointment and negative experiences for those expecting a specific feature.

Unresponsive Developers: There are indications that players have reported issues and concerns to the developers, but there are complaints about slow or inadequate responses, suggesting a lack of responsiveness to community feedback.

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