In “Synth Riders,” you embark on a mesmerizing journey through a futuristic realm, where your mission is to skillfully intercept oncoming projectiles and navigate around obstacles in perfect sync with the pulsating beats of synthwave and electro tracks. The recent introduction of the Mixed Reality mode bridges the gap between the virtual and the real world, allowing select elements of this electrifying universe to manifest in your physical surroundings.

This groundbreaking update is accessible at no cost for Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Quest 3 users, ushering in a new era of immersive gaming that redefines how players interact with their environment. “Synth Riders” in Mixed Reality grants gamers a surreal, rhythm-driven experience that seamlessly weaves the virtual and tangible realms together, promising an unparalleled adventure that marries music, sci-fi, and the physical world in a dynamic, sensory fusion.

Synth Riders is a VR rhythm game where you dance to the beat, slashing orbs with your VR controllers. It’s like freestyle DDR in neon cyberspace, featuring licensed music from artists like Muse and The Offspring. Burn calories, compete online, and lose yourself in the immersive rhythm experience.