This Mixed Reality building app unleashes your creativity, offering a canvas for constructing functional digital machinery, racetracks, and vending machines from an impressive selection of over 80 real-world components. It provides an interactive and immersive platform for users to design and bring their imaginative ideas to life in a virtual space. The app blurs the boundaries between reality and the digital realm, making it a dynamic and engaging tool for building and experimenting. Whether crafting intricate machines or dynamic racetracks, it empowers users to explore endless possibilities and innovate in a virtual world. This versatile application is perfect for those with a passion for hands-on creation and innovation.

In Rube Goldberg Workshop, unleash your creativity in mixed reality! Build wacky chain reactions using everyday objects and virtual components. Scan your room and incorporate furniture, walls, and even your ceiling into your contraptions. Design elaborate machines with over 90 parts, watch the dominoes fall (virtually!), and share your masterpieces with the world.