Some tips and tricks to help you improve your game in GOLF+:

General Tips:

  • Spend time on the practice range: This is crucial for getting a feel for the virtual clubs and swing mechanics. Practice different types of shots and distances.
  • Adjust your settings: Calibrate your dominant hand and club lengths for a more accurate experience. You can also adjust swing difficulty and other options to match your skill level.
  • Read the greens: Pay attention to the slope, wind direction, and grain to judge the break and choose the right club and shot trajectory.
  • Master your grip: Adjusting your grip in-game can help control the ball flight. A wider grip promotes fades, while a narrower grip encourages draws.
  • Utilize the replay system: Analyze your shots to identify areas for improvement.

Club-Specific Tips:

  • Wedge: Focus on precise distance control with wedges. Practice hitting different shot shapes like flop shots and chips.
  • Putter: Aim for a smooth, controlled putting stroke. Experiment with different putting lines and speeds.
  • Driver: Focus on generating power and hitting the ball straight. Pay attention to your swing tempo and follow-through.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Draw and fade shots: Learn to manipulate the ball flight by shaping your shots with different swing mechanics.
  • Spin: Add spin to your shots for more control and stopping power on the green.