Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted (Tips, tricsk and playtime)

Dive into Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria in “Help Wanted,” a VR collection of horror! Face classic & new killer animatronics in diverse minigames. Survive the night using limited resources, lights, and doors. Brace yourself for jump scares and unravel the pizzeria’s dark secrets.

The average completion time for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is 13 hours for the main story and 23 hours for 100% completion. This includes time spent on all of the mini-games, challenges, and achievements.

Of course, the actual amount of time it takes to beat the game will vary depending on your skill level, playstyle, and how much you want to explore. Some players may be able to finish the main story in as little as 8 hours, while others may take longer. If you’re a completionist, you may spend even more time trying to get 100%.

Some tips and tricks for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted:

General Tips:

Learn the animatronics’ patterns and behaviors. Each animatronic has its own unique movement pattern and tells that will indicate when they are approaching. By learning these patterns, you can anticipate their movements and react accordingly.

Use your flashlight sparingly. The flashlight can be a valuable tool for checking on the animatronics, but it also attracts their attention. Use it only when necessary to conserve power and avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Manage your power wisely. Power is used for a variety of tasks, such as using the flashlight, monitoring cameras, and operating doors. Be mindful of your power usage and avoid wasting it on unnecessary actions.

Don’t panic. Panicking will only make your performance worse. Stay calm and focused, and you’ll be more likely to survive the night.

Specific Tips for Different Levels:

FNaF 1:

Close the doors when you see an animatronic in the hallway. This will prevent them from entering your office.

Use the cameras to monitor the animatronics’ movements. This will give you an early warning of their approach.

Wind the music box in Prize Corner to keep Chica at bay. This will prevent her from attacking you from the vents.

FNaF 2:

Use the flashlight to check on Foxy in Pirate Cove. If he’s not there, close the curtain to prevent him from attacking.

Wear the Freddy Fazbear mask to avoid being attacked by the animatronics in the vents. The mask will make you look like Freddy, and they will leave you alone.

Use the flashlight to check on the plushies in the vents. If you see one, shine the flashlight on it to make it go away.

FNaF 3:

Use the audio lures to distract Springtrap. This will give you time to wind the springlocks and prevent him from attacking.

Monitor the cameras to track Springtrap’s movements. This will help you stay one step ahead of him.

Use the ventilation system to your advantage. You can use the vents to move around the map and avoid Springtrap.

Additional Tips:

Practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you’ll become at surviving the nights.

Watch other players’ walkthroughs to learn new strategies. There are many great walkthroughs available online that can teach you helpful tips and tricks.

Take breaks if you get frustrated. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re constantly dying, so take breaks if you need them.

Have fun! Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is a challenging game, but it’s also a lot of fun. So relax, have fun, and try to survive the night!